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Australian Organic Awareness Month

Elisha Foods proudly supporting Australian Organic Awareness Month


Each September Australian Organic Awareness Month celebrates certified organic products across all categories of industry including; food, beverages, skincare, cosmetics, textiles, cleaning products, garden products and even pet food!

Australian Organic Awareness Month is Australia’s largest educational campaign celebrating certified organic products.  Specifically those products showcasing the Australian Certified Organic bud logo (seen in picture above).

September is all about raising awareness and educating Australian's about the important values associated with certified products including;

  • Grown FREE from harsh synthetic pesticides, herbicides, and antibiotics and with no added hormones.
  • All GMO's are prohibited 
  • Live stock are free to roam
  • No routine use of antibiotics 
  • Made without artificial colours or preservatives 
  • Biodiversity friendly
  • Sustainably fished
  • Socially responsible
  • Pasture fed

Try Organic during Australian Organic Awareness Month across our store and use code FIRST to receive $10 off all of our certified organic fresh produce boxes, both single-time and subscription orders.

Benefits of Organic:

  • You are doing your part for the environment
  • Certified organic animals are truely free range
  • Certified organic food products contain more natural ingredients
  • Certified organic beauty is cleaner
  • Produce is grown without GMO's and made without nanotechnology
  • Certified organic products are socially responsible  
  • Products with the bud logo stand for integrity

Learn more about why organic here