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Could you go without plastic for a month?

Plastic Free July

Elisha Foods Plastic Free July

Could you go without single use plastic for a day, a week or a whole month? It is as simple as using a re-useable coffee cup at your local cafe, or taking reusable bags to the shops. 

This month represents an opportunity to get behind a global initiative called 'Plastic Free July'. It's a fun little challenge we can all do, to pick a plastic type we can do without and help the environment at the same time. See easy!

Check out how to do it here.

You can make your own declaration here so you feel more compelled to see it through and it lets them count how many people get behind the cause and from where globally.

The trick with no plastic is to be organised!

If you opt for not getting take away coffee cups the key is to always keep your reusable cup in a handy place where you'll remember to use it and not get caught out. 

Likewise with reusable bags for the shops. The trick is to keep them in your car or handbag so you don't end up stuck without them at the shops. 

If your avoiding single use plastic packaging, opt for items that aren't packaged...produce is a good one for that!

All our boxes are cardboard and can be recycled and use 100% compostable bags that can be reused for your kitchen caddy as bin liners.

If you join the challenge for July let us know we can do it together! Tag us in a post of what you do!

I'm going with a reusable coffee cup and no single use plastic bags for the whole month!

x Elisha