** We are no longer accepting any new orders** If you are an existing customer please contact 1300 291 005 regarding your existing subscription.

Covid-19 Update - How we are keeping you safe

During the Covid-19 Period we are committed to  produce safety through the following measures;

Safety Measures:

- Minimal Handling of your produce. Straight from the farms to us, produce is handled in a sanitised environment with gloves straight into your boxes ready for same day as souring delivery (please note; not same day as booking online and be sure to look at the next available delivery date or call us if your not sure and wish to check availability). 

- As always, once boxes are folded shut after last item is packed, farm boxes are NOT reopened.

- We follow strict hygiene measures and guidelines for cleaning, hygiene and regular hand washing and sanitising in the workplace.

- Contactless Delivery for all party safety is our priority with 'Knock and Drop' Service with an SMS upon arrival to notify you when it reaches your doorstep.

- We do not supply chopped vegetables or fruits during this period as this increases the risk of contamination for your added safety. 

- We adhere to strict sanitisation post packing and dispatching your boxes. 

- Our team are practicing social distancing and isolating at home when not delivering your produce.

- Our staff sanitise their hands and our vehicle after each single delivery stop and conscienceless adhere to strict social distancing rules. 

- We ask our members to always wash their produce before eating as part of everyday good health and hygiene practices.

 Returning your boxes: 

If you would like to recycle your box please leave your box at the front door for collection. Scientific and medical research shows that Covid-19 does not last longer than 24hours on cardboard. Hence, we can collect these boxes and stores these for reuse at a later date.

Thank you!
Thank you for trusting us with your food deliveries. 
The food you share at your table is the same food we share with our families. We get deliveries just like you do, and we relate to the reassurance of knowing where our food comes from and that it is handled with care.

We wish everyone good health and wellness during this challenging time. Eat nutritious fruits and vegetables, take care to be well-rested and to protect those around you with your own good hygiene practices and together we can all stop the spread.