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Easy Peasy Pesto


Easy Peasy Rocket Pesto


Do you usually buy pesto in a Jar? If you answer yes to this...I want you to give this recipe a go! Come on humour me!

There is nothing like a yummy pesto...well, unless you've tried a yummy fresh pesto and then that is even better and much better for you too! It's also minus any additives and preservatives we don't need either.

It will literally take you a few minutes. It involves throwing it all in a blender and then wella - done!

See I said it was easy. 


You'll need:

50gms Pine Nuts

150gms Rocket leaves

50gms Parmesan or could use a vegan alternative i.e. nutritional yeast

150gms Olive Oil

1-2 garlic clove or can use freeze dried granules or powder what ever you have.


How to:

Throw it all into a blender and blitz until you get a lovely green paste like consistency as featured in image above.


Serving Suggestion:

Amazing on bread or crispy fresh sourdough toast YUM, create a brushetta and add fresh sliced tomatoes you can even add fresh sardines to it (so good). Add the pesto to pasta and dress with a bit of extra parmesan and salt and pepper. Even chilli flakes if you're that way inclined. 

Keep in a ceiled jar in fridge for up to a week.

TIP: You can add remaining pesto to ice block trays and freeze it into small portions that you can use in other recipes/meals as you need it. It adds depth and flavour to other recipes. Or freeze in container for an easy go to sauce for a meal during the week. Also lovely served as a sauce to chicken and fish.

If you give it a go tag us in your creations at @elishafood instagram. We love seeing what you come up with at home.


x Elisha