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Food Waste Recycling Kingston and Bayside Melbourne



Food Waste Recycling Bayside Melbourne  

Food Waste Recycling in Bayside and Kingston council areas across Bayside Melbourne.

Bayside and Kingston areas in Bayside Melbourne across June and July dropped off little mini-bins by local councils for Food Waste Recycling with starter kits.

Food Waste can now go in Green Recycling Bins. 

We can now put food scraps in our green recycling bins for those of us in the community that already have a green bin. This is a big positive change towards reducing our waste impact on the environment. 

Bayside Mayor Cr Michael Heffernan stated “Food waste accounts for approximately 50 per cent of the 20,000 tonnes of Bayside’s waste we send to landfill. Recycling our food scraps into compost can dramatically reduce the impact of this waste on our environment”.

This initiative is a major change for the better in how we manage our household waste across Bayside Melbourne. Because it means residents can now put your food scraps you would have otherwise been putting in general garbage now into your free compost caddy supplied by council with bin liners and instructions of what to do and then straight into your Green bin that was previously only for garden waste recycling. 

This initiative is part of a broader plan to help cut the environmental cost of food waste rotting in landfill which actually creates very harmful greenhouse gas and contributes to the negative impact of climate change when it could avoided by recycling into organic compost for growth of new healthy crops on farms and aiding with the healthy growth of plants in our parklands and even repurchased for reuse in our residential gardens.

Our local councils have ambitious plans to reduce our food waste by 30% of food waste going to landfill and its up to us as residences in the community to get on board this initiative and make it happen.

At Elisha Foods we love helping our local community do there bit to reduce each of our food waste footprints and when you know the average Australian produces 2,000kgs of waste each year it quickly adds up to real measurable change when we collectively do our bit to contribute to food waste reduction.

Bayside Council Food Waste Kitchen Caddy and Food waste recycling starter kit

How do I order my Food Waste and Green Recycling Starter Kit if I don't have one and live in Bayside Melbourne?

Bayside Council Residents:

If you are a resident of bayside council but we're not a green waste service user when the Food and Green Waste Recycling changes we're rolled out in July it's never to late to get involved and start using this service. New users can order a new Food and Green Waste bin for a once off cost of $100.20 here


Kingston Council Residents:

If you are a Kingston resident in Bayside Melbourne and haven't got a Food and Green Recycling bin or Kitchen caddy you can order one here


Wondering where you can purchase 100% Compostable Green Bin liners? We sell them here and ship Australia wide.


We hope you found this information helpful. If you would like to supply feedback on anything else related to food waste recycling you would like to know in your local area feel free to drop us an email at hello@elishafoods.com.au we love helping to supply useful and helpful food waste recycling information to our community.