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Simple Slow Cooker Chicken Soup

Elisha Foods Slow Cooker Chicken Soup

At Elisha Foods we are all about time saving hacks!

With some much going on in our daily lives we are all looking for tricks that get us great results with the least amount of effort involved!

This recipe is using a Slow Cooker.

Now, if you haven't got one. I suggest you lash out. Could be the best $60-80 you'll spend!

You can probably even get them cheaper than that amount I.e. $50 at Kmart

I have a sunbeam one! It's my second one! I loved it so much I killed my fist one (cracked the ceramic pot but otherwise it would have kept going)!


You'll need:

Pile of left over veggies from last weeks box. Any will do!

Today I'm using:

1 x Zucchini

1x Carrot

1x Onion diced

4-5 Stalks of Celery

2x Twigs of Thyme

3 x Bay Leaves

6-7 Cups of Boiling Water 

6-7 Teaspoons of 'Best of the Bone Bone Broth' (I don't currently sell this but I'm going to look into it as its such a great pantry stable for everyday use and it latest ages). You get 37 cups of broth out of one jar! Comes in a range of flavours I'm using Turmeric & Ginger today.


Left over Roast Chicken (whole chook skin removed meat still on it), OR Chicken Fillets, Or Whole uncooked Chicken (whichever works for you based on what you have). Or for Vegetarian use tofu instead.

1 cup Rice, Noodles or Pasta ( add this 30min before your ready to serve)

Salt and Pepper to taste

2-3 Cloves of garlic chopped


What next?

Get the slow cooker out...throw it ALL in (excluding rice - do later before serving). Set to either low or high.

When close to being ready to serve if you've used a whole chicken get it out onto a chopping board using tongs and pull off the meat and discard your bones into your kitchen caddy and green recycling bin.

Add Rice, Noodles or Pasta to cook in the broth. 30min out from serving. No need for cooking separately its just more mess you can avoid cleaning.


Cooking Guideline:

LOW - 8-10 Hours cooking time required.

HIGH - 4-6 Hours cooking time required.



It pays to be organised when using a slow cooker as you have to factor when you want to eat to when to turn it on. I.e. Don't turn it on in the late afternoon for that night...you'll be eating late!

You can check on it and taste for seasoning here and there and give it a little stir...or you can just let it go. Either way, you can't really stuff it up! ;)

You can place the whole dish in your fridge if you turn the lid upside down. Or transfer to another dish so you're ready to use your pot for next use.


Elisha x