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Strawberry and White Chocolate Muffins

Strawberry and White Chocolate Muffins - Elisha Foods organic strawberries from Daylesford
These strawberries and white chocolate muffins are ridiculously good!
WARNING: People will think your an amazing cook if you make this recipe! If you're trying to impress this is a winner and super easy!
You'll need:
2 cups flower 
2 teaspoons baking soda
2 Eggs
3/4 cup organic oil (NB:I used 50% coconut oil and 50% olive oil in this recipe)
3 cups raw organic brown sugar
1 cup Greek yoghurt 
2 cups Daylesford Organic Strawberries chopped
200gm white chocolate buttons
How to:
  • Set oven 180 degrees
  • Throw flour and baking soda in bowl and mix to combine then add raw sugar then mix again.
  • In a separate bowl throw eggs, oil and yoghurt in and combine.
  • Add wet to dry ingredients in together and combine.
  • Add strawberries and white chocolate mix through. I use a kitchen aid bench top mixer for this but use what you have available I.e. beaters.
  • Line a muffin tray of 12 small squares of baking paper and then spoon mix evenly onto all 12 cup wholes into baking paper (less mess and cafe finish to trick the kids).
  • Cook for 15 min, you want them to go gold and crisp on outer edge.
  • Dust lightly with icing sugar!
Daylesford Organic Strawberries are just coming through in our fruit boxes now and they are simply gorgeous not only in appearance but the flavour is amazing, the overall quality is high. They are so fresh and delicious!
Unbelievably good recipe! Give some of these muffins away ...you'll be tempted to eat them all haha!
 x Elisha