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A recipe that childhood memories are made of

Chicken butter beans roasted with vine ripe tomatoes

There are just some meals that invoke a sense of nostalgia, that when you smell them it sends your mind rushing back to blissful childhood memories when you'd come running in the door and say mum whats for tea...?

Well this is one of those meals...its been a favourite of mine for quite some time and its served me well for a Sunday cook up or party entertainer (the good news is you'll have it completely mastered by the time you can invite your next guest around haha!

This is such a hearty and delicious dish, full of aroma and flavour that is sure to be a family favourite for years to come. 

Chicken butter beans roasted with vine ripe tomatoes


2-3 Rosemary sprigs finely chopped

2-3 Thyme Sprigs, finely chopped

2-3 Garlic Cloves diced finely

1/2 tsp dired chilli flakes

Grated zest of 1 whole lemon

8-10 Chicken thighs, skin off no bones

2x 400gms white beans butter or cannelli beans is fine or combo of both (rinsed and drained(

200gms cherry tomatoes

2x Roasted Capsicums cut into strips (fresh or jarred)

1/2 White wine 

1/2 broth (I like to use a grace feed bone broth concentrate rather than stock cubes for higher nutritional value)



Preheat oven to 200 degrees

 Mix herbs, lemon zest and garlic into a seasoning in a bowl. Set a side a small amount. (Use remainder to coat chicken in next step).

Place the Chicken thighs in a large blow cover them generously with olive oil then work in the herb mix until the chicken is evenly coated.

Use Salt and Pepper to taste.

Place beans in the base of a roasting dish.

Add capsicums, wine, and stock on top. 

 Rest the chicken thighs on top of the beans and capsicums so that they are rolled in circular form close to one another. 

Place the vine ripe tomatoes comfortably down the centre of roasting dish and then use remaining herb mix to season on top.

Cook for 45min.

Ladle the stock back on top of the chicken so it reinforces the delicious flavour of the juice. 

Serving Suggestion; this dish is complimented nicely with mashed potatoes so that the potatoes absorb the stock sauce. It is also beautifully accompanied by green beans, almonds and goats cheese (see recipe in blog).