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Wondering what to do with the Caddy?

Kitchen Caddy with compostable bin liner

So you may all be thinking what is this little caddy bin-thingy thats appeared at my house if you happen to live in the Kingston council area right now...

Yes that right...Kingston council has been busy working on their Food Waste Recycling initiative and it launched this month! So street by street they will be popping up if...you already have a Green bin...that is.

I know what your thinking...oh god what's this? How does it all work...


Let us explain;

How does the food waste recycling work in Kingston council area of Bayside Melbourne?

  • Caddy with compostable bin liners that we now fill up with food scapes and place in green bin for recycling.
  • Collection for Green bin was fortnightly and this remains the same only difference being you can now use it for food waste as well as garden waste!
  • Food waste is taken to a processing facility in Dandenong South where it is processed into fertiliser that is then reused on parks, gardens and right back where it started on farms adding nourishment to soil to grow new crops and plants.
  • STOPS over 30% of our food waste going into landfill where it emits methane gas which is highly toxic into atmosphere.
  • According to Climate Council Australia "rotting food produces methane, a potent greenhouse gas. By sending this food waste to landfill, Australians are generating methane equivalent to around 6.8 million tonnes of carbon dioxide".

Yicks!...Fair enough. How do we get started?

How to make sure you actually use the Kitchen Caddy? 

  • Use this Caddy ideally on your kitchen bench. Before you say 'no'... (I've tried this allover my kitchen in different spots and the reality is if its not on the bench where you see and are preparing meals you auto pilot-off  into throwing it out in general waste because you just innocently forget. Keep it right where you can see it every time you prepare food.
  • Make sure everyone in the house knows how to use it. If people in the house aren't ALL across it or all onboard, it can easily get contaminated and this puts the whole load not just your bin at risk once 1 piece of contaminant is found it can no longer be recycled. So be careful when you have guests over too that want to help you clean up as they might through plastic in there.



  • Use the Caddy for Vegetables and food scraps
  • Bread, Cereal rice and pasta
  • Diary Leftovers
  • Garden Pruning & weeds
  • Coffee grounds and tea leaves
  • Newspaper, tissues and paper towel
  • Meat Scraps and bones
  • Citrus, onions and garlic
  • Egg shells
  • General leftovers



  • NO food packaging of any kind can go in side this (it will contaminate the whole load as just mentioned).
  • NO Plastic of ANY kind can go in this bin. Its a major NO, NO!
  • No cigarette butts, no kitty litter, no liquid, no coffee capsules (even if biodegradable and no tea bags either!!)
  • NEVER....line it with a plastic bag to collect food scrapes and throw it in the Green bin. Mega-no-no! You can only use 100% compostable bags. (How do I know if they are compostable?) Only buy bags with this logo below on them otherwise they CAN'T be used. 
  • No Biodegradable bags can go in the caddy or green bin as they will not break down during the composting processing.

Good news! Inline with this local council initiative we are now packing our box produce with compostable Australian made BioBags! Which you can reuse in your kitchen caddy's across bayside and Kingston.

We are also now selling these for purchase here if you are running low and need more for your household use.

Please note: if you do not wish to use any bags to contain the food, the food can still be thrown into the bin freely without the use of the bags or newspaper. 

Useful Tips:

  • Line the inside of your caddy with a few pieces of paper towel underneath your bag liner to catch anything that may leak.
  • When filling your green bin try to layer lawn and garden clippings between food waste (this helps minimise odour)
  • Don't overfill your bin and ensure the lid is closed properly. (Reduce likelihood of pests)
  • Keep the green bin in shady spot (particularly over summer)
  • Meat and seafood scraps are best kept in freezer til night before collection day (avoid odour)

Local Council's are happy to hear from you if you have questions about food recycling services so don't be shy to reach out to them directly. Or email us and we'll look into the answers in a blog for you!


Bayside City Council:

PH: 03 9599 4444


City of Kingston:

PH: 1300 653 356

E: info@kingston.vic.gov.au