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Your daily secret to great SKIN!


Elisha Foods daily secret to great SKIN

Put aside the moisturiser...the secret to great skin is letting the goodness shine outward from within!

We've all heard about the green smoothie affect by now...but are we actually doing it? That's the question?

It literally takes a few minutes to blitz a delicious smoothie and also great for running out the door on the move.

It's also the perfect way to use up any extra veggies that are starting to look a bit sad in your fridge before they turn!  Blitz them! Don't let all that organic goodness go to waste.

Let's keep up immunity right now going into winter! I wanted to share a quick and easy way can get a head start on your day with the side affect of looking and feeling fabulous.

Yes please!


Green Smoothy Recipe:


You'll need:

High power blender works best - but a normal blender still works 

2 pears chopped - you can leave skin on (or apples)

400-500ml Coconut Water (or water)

3 Medjool fresh dates pips removed

Half bunch Kale or other green of choice spinach, lettuce etc

1 Whole zucchini chopped 

Tablespoon of Maple Syrup (to sweeten further if desired to your liking)

Handful of nuts (cashews, almonds, brazil nuts etc)

1 Pieces of a whole avocado 

1-1.5 Frozen Banana's (TIP - i keep a container chopped in freezer ready-to-go for smoothies, can do the same for avocados)



Blitz on high till all combined, taste and  you can add maple to your preferred level of sweetness. I tend to put add a touch of maple to entice the kiddies to drink it.

TIP: I like my smoothies relatively thick so I add quite a bit of banana to get my desired thickness. Too thick just thin it out by adding more water/coconut water.


Left overs:

If you have for left overs you can pour into icy pole mould's and set in freezer for handy kids snack. These are a winner in my house all year round. Or can also place fridge for another serve. I think taste best same day as made but could last til next morning to save on mess!