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Your New Year's resolution to better health starts here

Your New Years Resolution to be healthy starts here

After a year that we could never have imagined many of us are happy to close the chapter on 2020 and embark on a fresh start in 2021!

But when it comes to New Year's resolutions many of us make them but statically very few of us actually follow through on them past a few weeks into the new year.

We want to help you set new years resolutions you actually have a chance at sticking out.

That's why we are very realistic about the solutions we set out to suggest below. We don't expect anyone to do them all, its simply about taking onboard the one or two that may resonate with you most and having a bit of fun and giving it a go!


1. Eat more Organic Whole Foods

Now, we're not just saving this because we are biased...but one of the easiest ways to improve your overall health is to eat more whole foods.

Whole foods include items like the following; fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, whole grains and ocean caught fish which all contain the nutrients your body needs for optimal function and health

2. Move your body more!

Not moving enough has a negative impact on our overall health. A lot of us are guilty of not moving enough, be it because of our job or simply being just being inactive. Unfortunately not moving enough has been linked to increased risk of overall mortality. So let's get moving!

Making a resolution to move more is an easy and achievable resolution that we can work into our daily routine. It's just about getting started. Getting into a routine of going for a regular walk in the morning or evening or taking a lunch break and stretching your legs and getting outside. Even if its just for 15-20min this all adds up when you doing a little bit each day.

Here at Elisha Foods we love to practice mindful mornings where we take 30min to ourselves each morning or even a few mornings a week to get outside for a walking mediation. This involves listening to calming, positive and uplifting affirmations, mantras and guided mediations whilst we enjoy the beauty of our Bayside Melbourne surroundings and beaches and pick up a piece of rubbish or two along the way.