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Organic, Local, Home Delivered.

Elisha Foods is a fresh Organic Produce Home Delivery service local to and servicing Bayside Melbourne. 

Meet Elisha Founder of Elisha Foods

Our Founder - Elisha Sinclair


As a health conscious women in her 20's Elisha spent many years working across some of Australia's leading mass and health publications including; Better Homes and Gardens, New Idea, Diabetic Living, Family Circle, SBS Food, Women's Health, Men's Health and Prevention. During this time she felt a natural gravitation and pull towards Diabetic Living magazine.

Each time a new issue released she could be found grazing the pages of delicious, fresh, healthy recipes within. Sparking a joy and passion towards healthy living and mindful eating. 

It made Elisha pose the question why do you need to be newly diagnosed with diabetes, living with diabetes or caring for a loved one with diabetes in order to adopt this sort of lifestyle change towards healthier eating practices where fresh ingredient based cooking and minimal reliance on packaged and processed foods are the norm?

Elisha adopted this proactive approach to eating for wellbeing as her own daily practice, eliminating packaged foods (within reason we're all human here!) and making things from scratch (as much as possible but let's be real no-one's perfect either) which lead her on a health discovery journey researching; healthy food, experimenting with the introduction of raw foods and plant based diet recipes whilst still eating a modern Australian diet. Then generally becoming more inquisitive about where our food comes from, how its treated and the important role healthy soil plays on our food supply.  "I learnt that healthy soil plays a vital role in nutrient content in our fresh produce which is not something you can see at face value. Buying organic just progressively made sense as a way for me live my values and have peace of mind, in what I was feeding my own family".

But it wasn't until Elisha began her journey into pregnancy and motherhood where this love for organics really ramped up. In the early days of her pregnancy Elisha was fortunate enough to spend considerable time in Bryon Bay where she enjoyed immersing herself in the local healthy food scene which inspired her love for cooking based on what's in season produce wise and gaining deeper insight into plant based meal inspiration. She also spent time travelling to Port Douglas, Cairns, Adelaide, Tasmania, Broome and regional Victoria exploring and discovering the germs of local farmers markets, meeting producers and talking about their products and produce.

"I just relished in learning about healthy living and wanted to ensure I was in optimal health during my pregnancy for the health of myself and the healthy development and growth of my baby, this appreciation for organics continued steadily into the early stages of weaning my daughter Natalie onto solid foods with the introduction of organic vegetables and fruit first in her diet'. 

In the earlier days of parenthood with one child Elisha would travel from suburb to suburb sourcing preferred ingredients from various stores, farmers markets and farm gates (when in the areas) but after the birth of her second child this became increasingly difficult to leave the house.

'I wanted to support local in my area rather than buying from mass supermarkets even though select stores were starting to stock organic produce, the range was limited and left me feeling unsatisfied. I felt that it was important to have a service that offered convenience, quality and variety for people in this day and age. That combined with wanting market fresh organic produce, minimally handled finally lead me to start my own service so here we are'. 

Elisha can be found on any given day cooking healthy food, finding new ways to maximise the use and life of fresh produce, learning how to incorporate more plant based recipes into a modern Australian diet, finding cooking short cuts to create delicious meals and is passionate about bringing this joy and inspiration to others.

'I enjoy sharing my love of healthy produce, healthy living, recipe inspiration and talks with farmers and experts from various health fields to help others make more informed healthy living and food choices. If I can inspire others to try something new; be it trying a new ingredient they haven't tasted or cooked with before or providing a useful tip or hint people can actually use to make their life easier, I'm delighted to be of serve to others in this way'.


To learn more about our delivery service of fresh organic boxes check out our Fresh Boxes and see Elisha's Healthy Living Blog for more recipe inspiration, tips and interviews with experts, suggestions for cooking in season and more!

If you'd like to talk with us directly call us 1300 291 005 or email us at hello@elishafoods.com.au.