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Supporting community through loving acts of kindness

Elisha Foods - Random Acts of Community Kindness

At Elisha Foods a core part of our brand ethos is giving back to the community that supports us in a meaningful and loving way. We genuinely seek to enrich and support the lives we touch and the broader community we serve. That is why we introduced the 'Random Acts of Community Kindness' initiative.  

We believe that even the smallest of gestures of community kindness add up to making a powerful accumulative and meaningful impact on others. If we can make someone smile, ease someones pain, laugh together and spread the message of eating more mindfully and living more vibrantly supported through quality nutrition, we are serving our purpose.

The random acts of community kindness initiative is our way of supporting people in the community that supports us. The way we see it, we grow together and support one another along the journey, just the way community should be.

If you know of someone needing a little TLC whether its a special neighbour, community member always putting others needs ahead of their own and supporting great causes like donating their time, charity work, foster carers, a person unwell and needing loving support, someone struggling for personal reasons that could do with a little pick me up why not nominate them to us for a Random Act of Community Kindness with Elisha Foods.

Elisha Foods - Random Acts of Community Kindness

How do I nominate someone for a Random Act of Community Kindness with Elisha Foods?

Simply Contact Us and tell us the person you wish to nominates full name, address, your name (unless you wish to remain anonymous and that is fine too), your phone number and email (in case we have any questions). An explanation in 100 words or less as to why you wish to nominate them.  Finally, let us know the produce box type and size you would like them to receive from our Produce box options available here.

What happens once I have nominated someone? 

Once you have sent us your nomination, your nomination will be logged in a broader pool of nominations from the community and each time we have the opportunity to supply 'a random act of community kindness' a nomination will be pulled out at random for fulfilment.


What if I wanted to buy someone a random act of community kindness and make sure they get it when I want them to receive it?

Sure thing, we can organise that for you no problem. If you know the name and and address of the person you want to send 'a random act of community kindness' to you can simply purchase it directly through our website fill in their contact details for delivery and we will take care of the rest on your behalf. If you have any specific instructions for us around your purchase you can email us directly or call us to discuss it. I.e. If you wanted a personalised note added to it or if you wanted to remain anonymous that is fine too!


What if I wanted to purchase a random act of kindness for someone I don't know to support this initiative for Elisha Foods to nominate the person to deliver to? 

Oh your so sweet! Yes of course you are welcome to do that! Simply purchase any produce box on our website and forward us your purchase email with a message confirming you wish this to be donated to the Random Act of Community Kindness Initiative and we'll take care of the rest and deliver this to someone in our community.


How does a business get involved to make contributions towards random acts of community kindness with Elisha Foods?

Simply contact us  with your name, business details, email and a brief message as to how you wish to partner with us to fulfil random acts of community kindness and we will get in touch to discuss with you. We welcome hearing from likeminded businesses wanting to collaborate to serve the greater good of the community.


Please note: **Elisha Foods can not make any guarantees about every nomination for a random act of kindness being fulfilled due to the sheer volume of requests we may receive, hence any submission made via our website is done so knowing that we can not guarantee every submission will receive fulfilment nor do we make any guarantees about specific timelines of when this can be fulfilled. Elisha Foods reserves all rights to determine how, as and when any random acts of kindness will be fulfilled.